Interested in connecting your district to the Student Success Link platform? If you're a school district, here are the steps to get set up with a new way to securely share data with your community-organization partners.

1. Contact PSESD to start the process.

Student Success Link relies on the underlying P2 regional student record exchange system, currently managed by PSESD. Send an email to to coordinate the setup process. Depending on which student information system your district uses, PSESD will provide information about the the technical setup needed and walk through the other steps of the process.

2. Sign the PSESD data-sharing agreement.

We will provide you with a template for the agreement that governs the data-sharing between your district and PSESD. The PSESD does not use or access any of your district data for any purpose other than to operate Student Success Link, and this data-sharing agreement describes the limits and protections that we place on the data that is shared. In addition to this agreement, the PSESD will also sign a DSA with each CBO that uses the system, and we expect that your district will also sign a DSA with each CBO according to your policies and procedures.

3. Enable automated data access.

Depending on your student information system, this process will look different from district to district. We will work with you and your IT staff to setup the most efficient and least burdensome data access method. Since Student Success Link is designed for CBO's to react to student data immediately, we work with districts to setup a data-access schedule that is as close to real-time as possible.

4. Authorize partner CBO's to access data through Student Success Link.

At every step of the way, your district is in control of who and when an external partner can access your data. The P2 regional student record system and Student Success Link always obey the data-sharing rules that are defined by your district. The exact method for authorizing a CBO may differ from district to district; we can configure the rules on your behalf based on direct requests, or we can provide you with access to a web-based tool to enter the rules and authorizations on your own. This process also gives you the opportunity to incorporate your district's policies and procedures for collecting and/or verifying that appropriate parental consent has been received for each student whose data is shared.

For more information about how data is collected and shared, please see The Process of Data Collection and Sharing.